Thursday, January 12

The Captain Takes a Wife {a Review}

I'm a sucker for stories that involves captains and wives...chalk it up to my nearly being a captain's wife!

From Amazon: Sarah Franklin, a young teacher escaping an arranged marriage to a corrupt man, runs straight into the arms of Captain Harry Richardson as he prepares to board a train leaving Macon, Georgia, in 1875. She begs him to help her, and the captain soon finds himself in the midst of a ruse to hide her identity from her pursuers. When he impulsively kisses her in front of his amazed friends and some curious newspaper reporters, everything changes, and events soon spiral out of control.

The story was fantastic. I loved how the characters where developed. I'm always a big fan of anything that has to do with the Civil War, and while this wasn't specifically about it, it does take place in the years afterward. I find there is so little written from the perspective of the south during the years that followed.

I will say it was a bit of slog at times trying to keep everything straight, this is a rather long read, but it was definitely one that I enjoyed.

*I received this book for free via BookLookBloggers review program, but the opinions are my own!

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