Saturday, December 27

16 Weeks

I’ve been slacking with this pregnancy: Keeping track of each week, belly pictures etc. I guess what’s true for most people’s 3rd child is true for my 5th. I just haven’t done it. I think about it, but I seem incapable of actually doing. This is going to be attempt at something {and encompassing the entire pregnancy in one post, thus far}.

Maternity Clothes: Umm…I don’t think I stopped wearing them after the triplets, except pants. I did  go back to regular jeans and dress slacks/skirts/dresses. I have yet to go out and buy new every day clothes, because they all get trashed. Between me {I’m not particularly gentle on my clothes} and kids, they’re all falling apart. I promised my mother after this one I will go buy some decent clothes {she’s threatened to abscond and destroy several items in my dresser}.

Weight Gain: I started this pregnancy at 194lbs, a whopping 10lbs less than I ended the triplets {yea, there was no magical weightloss from that pregnancy}. I have lost 10lbs from nausea etc, but for the most part I’m holding steady {of course I haven’t gotten on a scale since before Christmas}.

Stretch Marks: They’re my tiger claws, as Matt calls them. I’ve resigned myself to them and honestly, they really don’t bother me,IMG_6423 but I haven’t had a bikini-body since I was 12.

Sleep: Well, the kids aren’t entirely to blame for my getting up. I’ve been having INSANE dreams, which wake me up and freak me out! I do find that if I lay too long on one side or the other my stomach muscles hurt. Also, I drink a TON of water during the night…a ton.

Movement: I’ve been very thankful for my doppler this pregnancy. I remember feeling a lot more movement with the triplets, which was a given, but I can’t remember from Avie’s how much I felt {it was almost 6 years ago}. I keep thinking I should be feeling more or stronger, but I don’t. The doppler at least keeps me from freaking out that something is wrong {usually right around 150-155}.

Symptoms: I seem to be past a lot of the exhaustion and nausea/food aversions: They were pretty nasty for a while. Fortunately I only threw up once and it was from being in the car way too many hours in one day. I noticed a lot of the time how I felt was linked to how tired I was. I could pretty much set a clock by when the nausea started, 3pm…right when I started to lag for the day. There were quite a few days that I climbed in bed with Avie for nap time.

Anxiety. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety this pregnancy. Second guessing and question and wondering if everything is all right with the baby. I honestly think I’ve been having more than I ever did with any other pregnancy. I believe that’s partly because this is the last hurrah; there will be no other pregnancies after this one {gotta love infertility} and if something happens there is no other opportunity to try again.

Food Cravings: I honestly don’t know. This is such a tough time of year: There’s no more fresh produce from the garden, there’s tons of holiday food around, it’s been tough figuring out what’s a real craving and what’s knowing that it’s food that’s seasonal. I will say that I think it’s been more salty foods, with the occasional veggie craving. In the beginning it was sweets {cookie dough}, but lately the things that I used to love to have almost every night {microwave desserts} are completely unappealing…there are times when a cookie and milk is awesome!

We go back to the midwife in a few weeks, and then we’ll have our big anatomy scan. Hard to believe I’m almost halfway there….I’m not ready for being pregnant to end. I am one of those women who THOROUGHLY ENJOYS being pregnant.

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