Monday, June 9

Blog Silence

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I think I’ve stopped and started, deleted and rewrote this post at least a half-dozen times, trying to figure out how best to convey what I’ve been thinking, feeling, and not saying…I still haven’t got too far with that, but here’s my best shot.

A few months ago I kissed social media goodbye, when I pretty much had it with Facebook and trying to do all those things that blogger should. I committed myself to no longer being a slave to the should dos, and focused on the things I enjoyed {namely pinterest and instagram}; which I enjoyed. There was no pressure to be on everything.

Somehow that started to include my blog, and it’s not because I took a intentional break or I had nothing to say. It had more to do with me and where I was in my head. We’ve been through a lot in the past few months, not all bad, but just a lot. We were living in a house of chaos while we prepped to do renovations; we moved in with the in-laws while said renovations were happening; my sister was {and still is} very sick; and after 70 days we’re still living with my in-laws. For me, it has just been a lot of intense things, that I’ve just…not been overwhelmed by, but processing.

The processing and dealing with all of it has been a lot, and I haven’t had much time and energy for anything, beyond taking care of the kids {which has presented it’s own struggles}. It doesn’t help that I’ve felt like I’m in a bit of a dead-zone, when it comes to time. I walk outside and I’m surprised to see green trees, blue skies, and sun; I’m still thinking that it’s March. Time, for me, has very much stood still. Heck, it only hit me the other day that the fair is 2 months away!

While I’ve been silent, I’m certainly not going anywhere as a blogger. I love blogging, I love sharing {or as the case is most of the time…over-sharing}, and I love talking and emailing and keeping in touch with all of you! I’m hoping that once we’re home, and I’m back in my own space that the blog will pick up again. I have several posts noted on my calendar for the summer already, but I have to actually find the time to sit down and write them.

In the meantime, I’m trying to be more active on Instagram, so you can definitely find me there.
Catch me up on how you are all doing: Any exciting news or fun summer plans? Or boring news and no plans?

And I wanted to share this picture with you all…it’s from the top of one of the local roads on the way to my in-laws.


*I’ve now joined the world of the iPhone; and I love it!

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