Monday, April 21

Notes from a Blue Bike {a Review}

My grandfather said, just before he died, “Life is like a dream, you blink your eyes…then it’s gone”. And he’s right, the older I get the faster they seem to fly by; and never faster than when I look back. How on earth have Matt and I been together for 14 years, or that Avelyn is 4.5 already, my babies are almost 2.5….it’s crazy!

It took me a while, life has been crazy, but I loved Tsh’s book, Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World. While we aren’t globe trotters or expats, we are human, and we prefer to take things slow. For us, family time is priority, mommy’s creative outlets are a priority, we eat slow to save money and sometimes all the other stuff just needs to fall by the wayside.

Tsh takes her readers through years of her thoughts and experiences of finding what worked best for her and her family to live intentionally. To enjoy this crazy life, without wishing you were doing things differently. Sharing what she learned while living abroad and her processing in figuring out what worked in the crazy American lifestyle.

There are such awesome ideas and tips, as well as insights on how to make your life your own, to not just live the way we’ve grown to believe is normal. In the back of the book there is several pages with information and questions to ask yourself, to figure out the life you want to live.

The price of the book is steep for me, but maybe you and a friend can go in on it together, or buy a copy and pass it around or donate it to your library when you’re done. It was a great read, easy to get through, enjoyable and it overall helped me to put words to the way we feel about how we live our own life in our home. It also helps that I absolutely love the colors on the cover and have my own blue bike.

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers. The thoughts expressed here are my own.

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