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Mended: Thoughts on Fear, Love, and Leaps of Faith by Anna White {a Review}

A while back I received an email from Anna White, asking if I’d be interested in reading and reviewing her book, Mended: Thoughts on Fear, Love, and Leaps of Faith. I’m always up for a new read!Mended Thoughts on Fear, Love, and Leaps of Faith by Anna White


Mended is a collection of essays inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of beautiful repair. Kintsugi is based on the idea that broken things can be repaired, and once that process is complete they are even more beautiful than before.

I've been broken. I know what it's like to feel shame at my weakness, to starve myself to be worthy, and to want to sleep forever. If I had to guess, I'd say you might be a bit broken too.

But being broken is not the worst thing. We can be mended. Our cracks can become beautiful. We can be even better than new.

This collection of essays focuses on the struggle of living with anxiety and depression, and how to also live with grace and faith in the midst of darkness. It is raw and honest, and does not provide any easy answer or gloss over the pain. It is a narrative of struggle, but also of prayer, of hope, and of rescue.

View the author talking about the book in a short video here:
Book Trailer for Mended

Anna’s book was a joy to read, and a source of joy. With artistry and raw truth she shared her own struggles with depression and her brokeness. Throughout the book Anna beautifully describes the light that broke through her struggles; writing about the every day and how in the every day God began to heal her, and how in each little healing she is getting stronger and better able to find hope, and fight against the darkness.

Mended is all the more gripping, because it is written during the darkest times and as the storm begins to roll back, and the waves crash once again against the shore. Being able to see Anna’s story from inside is a beautiful thing, helping the reader to not feel so alone and devastated by the struggles with depression, and to reach for the bits of light that shine through the every day hurt.

If you’re looking to share in the story of someone else’s brokeness and be able to see how God is mending those broke pieces into something new and beautiful, Anna’s words will give you a renewed sense of God’s work even in the blackness.

You can find Anna’s book on Amazon, or any where else, in both print and digital. Anna blogs at

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