Thursday, January 9

Quilts in 2014

I’ve gotta get crackin’ this year on quilts! I’m already behind the 8 ball on a baby quilt for my sister in law. Technically the baby wasn’t due until the beginning of February, but she made her debut 2 days after Christmas. The problem is, the perfect fabric hasn’t released yet….I’m still waiting on the email from to tell me I can order it!

Then we found out on Thanksgiving that my sister is expecting at the end of March, which means another quilt! Plus I wanted to get the girls’ big girl quilts done for next Christmas {my goal is that they all get the quilts for their twin beds as a Christmas gift—the boys’ were finished last month}.DSC_0001 And then just before New Year’s we found out that another dear friend of our’s is expecting on my birthday, so that’s another quilt. All these baby quilts!

And, of course, there are always those little things that I want to do. There’s still the Falling Leaves quilt that I started *ahem* almost 5 years ago. And, I have a couple of Jelly Rolls that are waiting for me to sit down and play with them, as well as a couple of books of just Jelly Roll samplers. I’m having a feeling this is going to be a year of Samplers.

I did FINALLY finish my Heartland BOM sampler! I got it in the mail on Christmas Eve, but the fabric I had gotten for the binding just did not work with it. I ended up having to order a yard of one of the fabrics I used in the quilt, but since it was a kit, there just wasn’t enough to bind the whole quilt. I love how the black makes the whole thing pop!

After doing my Heartland BOM sampler, I’m really loving the idea of being able to play with different styles and blocks without the commitment of a WHOLE QUILT of them. Most likely almost all the quilts I do will be samplers. The  girls’ is the trickiest, because I want to somehow tie it in with the boys’ quilts, with having their names appliqued on them…not sure how to do it yet.

I’m not getting too crazy with my to-do list, since I may very well not a have a house much this year. We’re still a go-ahead on our major home renovation for the Spring, which means that there will be lots of DIY going on and not a lot of time to sit in a {most likely covered in dust} dining room and sew.

What projects are you hoping to accomplish in 2014?

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