Sunday, December 22


Pardon me, while I go and have my cry….


Two years old….2 YEARS OLD! They’ve grown a bit since they were born {you can find all of their growing up posts here}. Hard to believe that it’s been 2 years already…I’m not sure where that time has gone. They’re now the age Avelyn was when they were born.

Two years doesn’t sound much, but then you think about how these little ones went from weighing less than 5lbs {and a touch over for James} to being solid, BIG kids, it’s incredible.

*Weighing in at 32.8 lbs {born at 4lbs 13.5ounces}, measuring 2’11” tall
*Started saying “Hola” today, after playing with a new toy.
*Calles Elanor, Ewanohr, and Jamie is ‘Ames or Mamie. If you ask him his name it’s ME!
*Loves having a fit to get your attention only to look at you and go “Hi Mommy”.
*When you tell him, “make a face”…he makes the most hysterical looks.
*Making a few sentences: “I do!” being the main one.









*Weighing in at 32.8lbs {born at 5lbs 3ounces}, measuring 3’ 2” tall
*Still waiting on that ONE tooth to poke through!
*No new words, but boy does he babble lots of sentences!
*Has yet to scale the Christmas tree, but not for lack of trying ;-)
*Makes an angry face that melts into the biggest warmest smile ever.











*Weighing in at 25lbs {born at 4lbs 9.5 ounces}, and measuring 2’ 9.5” tall
*She is a ham…H-A-M! As you can tell from this picture: More and more I see Mini-Me.
*Starting to string a few words together, has a few sentences in her repertoire.
*Loves making animal sounds.












The kids are all doing well: We do have an appointment with Early Intervention to have the kids hearing and speech checked, since they are delayed, and Jamie especially so. Avelyn was speaking TONS by 20 months, so we really noticed it. It’s very hard sometimes to understand anything but a few words. Henry and Ellie you can kind of figure it out, but you can really see frustration on Jamie’s part.

I’m more concerned about Jamie and his hearing than the other two. My mother in law had pointed out to me that he speaks like a deaf person does, very mono-tone, with no variations, which is exactly it! I couldn’t put my finger on what it was precisely but that’s it. I don’t think he’s deaf, but from talking with a few people {our pedi included} it could be just a few decibels that he’s off, which would result in his speech being lacking. More to come on that.

No major birthday party pictures to share: We’ve decide to hold off on birthday parties and try doing half-birthday parties. We just did cupcakes in the afternoon with Matt’s parents {since they were the only healthy people available…we’ve been fighting stomach bugs since last Thursday…and still going…}DSC_0481

Line’em up!
{I will admit to bribing once again: This time it was pretzels.}

The birthday babies on the way to church for their First Christmas Pageant!

pageant collage

Even Mommy and Daddy got in the pageant {I strategically cropped myself out of this picture}. And before you drive yourselves crazy, yes that is the same picture of Jamie. I have no idea why I have no other pictures of him.


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