Monday, September 16

Perfect Pancakes

I’m a bit of a particular person when it comes to my pancakes. They have to be golden. They have to be light and fluffy. Perfect PancakesAnd they absolutely cannot be raw. Pancakes were the bane of my existence in the kitchen for many years until I figured out the trick.

I would constantly burn my pancakes when I would make them, or they would be raw, or too thick or too thin. Then Matt’s parents asked me to do pancakes at the fair one year…I laughed. Me, do pancakes. I forewarned them of my less than stellar history with the flap-jacks. It was all me.

Want to know the secret?

Thin. Hot. Fast.

Your batter needs to be about the consistency of shampoo, runny, thin, but not watery. Watery won’t turn out anything good, and too thick and they won’t cook.

Your pan/griddle needs to be hot. I usually have my flame a little less than middle of the road. It needs to be hot enough to cook, but cool enough not to scorch your pan. I put a pat of butter in the pan before the first batch, then never again.

Pay attention. You cannot be doing a bazillion other things while making your pancakes, because just like that, they’ll burn. They won’t take more than 30 seconds a side, if the pan is the right temp. Once the edges start to round up and bubble, they’re done, flip them over.

And since I obviously can’t stand over your shoulder and tell you whether you’re doing it right or not. Here’s a video, but I’m always open to skyping or facetiming in the name of science. You’re welcome.

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