Tuesday, July 30

Remember that Survey?

Yea, I remember it too. Not to worry. I’ve been reading and re-reading over the input I received, and thinking and re-thinking all of it. Thank you again to all of you who filled it out.

I certainly appreciated all of the insight, I’m obvious not going to change certain aspects of this blog, because then it wouldn’t be me. Yes, I did agree with some of the changes {more on that in a bit}, but some just deviate too much from what I want this space to be. So, please, feel free to ignore the posts that you would rather less of.

That said.

DSC_0684 Quite a few commented that they would like to see fewer book review posts; I wanted to take a bit of time to address that. I like books. Ok, I LOVE books! As a blogger there are several publishers out there who offer FREE books to people who would be willing to give an honest review in exchange for a book. Win-Win. The stipulation is that the recipient does need to post on their blog about the book.

A few months ago, I had several reviews that went live within a couple of weeks of each other: I was on a reading kick and wanted to get them off my plate. It was unusual for me to have that many review posts going up at once.

In the future, I will try and limit book review posts, to one per month {and there may be months that there aren’t any reviews}. That way I can still get my free books {I’m on a budget here and our rinky-dink library doesn’t have many books in the Christian anything genre}, and you don’t have to be subjected to a plethora of boring book reviews. HOWEVER, if I come across a book that I absolutely want to share with you, I might have to break my 1-post-per-month policy. Again though, you’re free to just ignore those posts and I will try and restrain myself.

As for the rest, I’m going to attempt to keep a balance between life, writing, recipes, and quilting posts :-) And don’t worry, there will be giveaways too. I have another one coming up in September.

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