Tuesday, April 23

16 Months

I’ll spare you my exasperations and thoughts on their being almost a year and a half old.


Henry 16 Month Collage*Has 10 teeth with 2 more molars making their way in {it’s been Hell…seriously}
*Weighing in at 33lbs {that’s what Avelyn weighs}
*Is running now
*Lots of Mama, Dada, Baba, Do {dog}
*Gets rather frustrated
*Had his first solo sleep over at Oma and Opa’s


James 16 Month Collage*8 teeth {7 in the front and 1 of his molars…which you wouldn’t even have known was coming in}
*Weighing 29lbs
*Running, climbing…being a complete and total BOY!
*Still babbling away, not too much in the way of “words”, more just sounds
*Points at things he wants
*Loves watching you and doing EXACTLY what you do: I was raking the yard and using a snow shovel to pick the leaves up. He went and got the kids snow shovel and tried to do the same.


Elanor 16 Month Collage*DRUM ROLL PLEASE……ELANOR IS WALKING! Not a ton, but she’s definitely walking. I think within a week or two, it’ll be the preferred mode of transportation.
*8 teeth in front and 1 molar
*Loves swinging outside {we never had a swing for her to be in before and she loves it}
*Still rather a picky eater. You can try to feed it to her, she won’t eat it, but put it down on her plate after trying and she’ll probably eat it.
*Definitely talking more than James, but not as much as Henry.

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