Tuesday, January 22

13 Months

*All of the kids weights and measures can be found here.


*Has taken up to 3 steps before he topples over. He thinks it’s great fun! He does an awesome job of walking around just holding onto your hand.
*He has 6 teeth and 2 more just ready to come through.
*Loves to “walk” pushing his toys around the room.
*Has the most hearty laugh when you tickle his thighs; not to mention he has the most delicious thighs!
*Has not been sleeping well at all. He’s usually up several times a night, doesn’t settle down easily, and is up early…it’s beginning to kill Mommy.


*Hasn’t attempted to walk anywhere yet.
*But he can climb up on the couch {which now has its own set of issues} and crawl up the stairs.
*He has 2 teeth, 3 1/2 teeth, and 1 that is just sitting there.
*Still eating the best.
*Is looking more and more like a little boy, and knows it when he’s getting “yelled” at for standing on the couch.
*This boy can sleep! He goes down for naps easily, at night, would probably sleep through the night, would probably take 1 4hr nap a day…but we don’t let him, so that he’s on the same schedule as the other to.
*He is an absolute blanket boy! I think he would drag it all over the house with him, if we let him.
*Went sledding for the first time.


*Is finally crawling the proper way.
*Is finally pulling herself up to her feet.
*Is FINALLY eating! She actually will eat some foods and open her mouth for you to put stuff in there!
*She has 6.5 teeth.
*Would probably sleep better, but gets woken up by Henry a lot of the time.
*Is on whole cows milk.
*She is such a Daddy’s girl.
*Did NOT like being out in the snow at all.

*The boys are in 24 months now…not much of 18 months is fitting them; Henry needs it in the waist and James in the length.
*Ellie is solidly in 18 month clothes, but is skinny enough that she can still fit in 9 months, but they’re way too short.
*They’re getting 3-4 bottles a day: One before each nap {2}, one before bed, and sometimes another during the night.
*All are doing really well with sippy cups, but of course love letting the water run out of  their mouths.
*We FINALLY all seem to be better! About time!
13 Months
~*~I have not taken bunny pictures yet. Today was a pajama day and I’d really rather be dressed for those pictures.

~*~*~ And yea, James is really that much taller than the other two. He's gotta have 3-4" on Henry.

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