Tuesday, October 2

W.I.P. Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve linked up with Freshly Pieced and WIP Wednesday, probably because I haven’t really had any thing to show.

I’ve been working on a baby quilt for a friend (whom I hope doesn’t click over here and see her quilt). A while back I saw this cute quilt on pinterest, but I’m a cheapskate and I didn’t really feel like buying a pattern for such a simple quilt. I pulled out my trusty Electric Quilt computer program and started playing around with measurements.
I managed to scrimp together the entire top with fabric I had, except for the border, which resulted in a major splurge of $4.03 for fabric. I’ve been really trying to use up some of the fabric in my stash this year, rather than spending money on more.
Here is my interpretation…

I’m really liking it. I still have to sandwich and hand tie the whole thing, plus binding, but I think I’ll get it done in time. Of course, then I have another baby quilt to start and the kids clothes for Christmas….oy!

Have you been working on any projects? This time of year I’m always “hankering” to start being creative again.

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