Friday, September 7

Hershey Park 2012

bf94bc54f6f211e1b39e22000a1c3278_7We’re home. I’m still trying to get caught up from being away for almost 4 days. It will probably take me the rest of the year.

We had a good time in Hershey, even if Matt and my sister were still sick with Hand, Foot and Mouth. Which every single person in our family (including my parents) also had the privilege of experiencing.

We did our usual routine of Chocolate World and ice cream on Saturday night, with Sunday spent at the park. Mommy and Daddy got to go on a few of the roller coasters. Ave got to go on rides for the first time, which, true to her roots, the kiddie rides bored her. Her favorites, the ones that she smiled the biggest on and laughed the loudest? The Scrambler and Tilt-a-Whirl! Of course there are no pictures of those because she was on them with us.

It was interesting “camping” with 4 kids. We had a cabin with a kitchen and indoor plumbing. I was not about to rough-it with a just potty trained 2 year old and 3 kids that take bottles at all hours of the night. It was a wise decision. One that I think we will stick with in the future.

In other news, both Henry and Ellie finally popped up a tooth over the weekend!

On to the pictures…


If you want to see all the pictures, click HERE.

We decided that rather than buy shirts every few years or other ridiculous trinkets, that we would buy one shirt for each of the kids, then every time we go take their pictures in their shirts. They’ve got a t-shirt and we’ve got a marker to see how much they grown each time!

Will we be going to Hershey next year? No, I’d say not. While it’s fun, it’s a lot of work.

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