Tuesday, May 22

To Be…or rather…What To Be....

For a while now I’ve been struggling, hard, with my blog; trying to figure out who I am and what I’m supposed to be. I started an online Intentional Blogging course, I’m a part of a blogging group, and still I struggle. See, the thing I’m struggling with is how and what to blog.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. Throughout my entire blogging history there has been a small glimmer of hope that somehow this blogging-thing could turn into a {REAL} writing-thing, like getting traditionally published. The thing is, blogging, in and of itself, IS a writing thing. I’ve been entrusted with certain words that only I can choose whether and how to share them with others.

Once I realized that my head really hit the desk. Oh boy! So I’ve been writing for 4.5 years now and what exactly have I had to say….ummm. I post, a lot: I average 197 posts a year (and that’s NOT including a ton of personal and infertility posts)….that’s more than some blogs have had during their entire {several} year existence. Which again makes me ask, what have I been saying?

In the fall I’m attending the Allume conference, a blogging conference for Christian bloggers.  The thing is I don’t think of myself as a Christian blogger. Sure I have the occasional post about my faith or how God is working in my life, but it isn’t what I solely blog about. So, do I even qualify to go to this conference?

Again, what I have been saying for 4.5 years?

I love food, and blog about that; I love sewing and quilting, and blog about that; I love taking pictures, and blog about that; I love DIY and home renovations, and I blog about that; I love books, and I blog about that; I love my home, my kids, my husband, my God, and I blog about that. The thing is, I make the BIGGEST blogging mistake out there: I am the BIGGEST blogging mistake out there. I blog about MORE than ONE thing. I guess that makes me a Jill-of-all-trades, Blogger of none.

You see if I were to pick just ONE thing to blog about, I’d get bored with this writing gig really fast. Because I’m not just one thing. I am a thousand little things all added together to be ME…that’s why there is no one else in the world like me.

I’ve decided something.

I’m going to STOP trying to be like other bloggers, people who focus strictly on their faith or their sewing projects or food or any of the other thousand things people blog about exclusively {because that’s what successful bloggers do}.

I’m going to blog about the things I know about, the things that interest me, the things that are happening, here, in the White House, because after all that’s who I am and this is my Life in the White House.

Oh, and as to what I’ve been saying for the past 4.5 years: Any good photographer can tell you, sometimes you have to take a lot of shots to get that one picture….I know that’s true for my photography. I guess the same is true for my writing. DSC_0389

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