Wednesday, January 4

Second Week in the NICU (Part 2)

Day 13 ~ January 3rd

I didn't go today to Albany; with the forecast they were calling for I figured it was best to stay home, give Ave a low key day, and get some essentials done around here in case Henry was coming home this weekend. We did get quite a bit done.

Matt called the NICU in the evening to see how the babies were doing. Henry was up 1.5 ounces and taking a bottle, since he had pulled his feeding tube out. I guess he'd had enough of that thing. James was up almost an ounce in his weight. He was taking almost all of his bottle except for the tail-end, getting that via tube. Ellie was doing well and had taken bottles all day long.

Day 14 ~ January 4th

Boy! Did I get a surprise today: James (that's right, James, not Henry) is coming home tomorrow! I'm all kinds of mixed feelings about that...I'm so excited for someone actually coming home, but the logistics is freaking me out. How on earth am I going to be two places at once, especially when both places (home and NICU) have a newborn who needs me.

I really didn't get much information today, that I can remember, because I was just thinking "Someone is coming home....uhhhh".

I got there just in time today though to bottle feed Henry and then Ellie (noon and 1), the nurse fed James while I did the rest. They're all doing well. Ellie could be doing better...they pushed her yesterday to take all her feeds via bottle and she ended up losing a bit of weight last night and was struggling today to take all of her bottle at each feed. The nurse apologized for that.

James is obviously doing well since they're sending him home (or planning to, anyway). Henry is doing well, but he's gotten pokey about his feeds...he's still leaving 6mls (so is Ellie) and refusing to finish a bottle.

We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings. The nurses weren't definite that James would be going home, so I have to call in the morning to see what the game plan is. The reality of what lies ahead is quickly smacking me upside the head...which is a whole other post.


Feather on a Wire said...

Poor you, the logistics of having babies so far apart,and all new borns must be pulling your heart every which way. I seem to remember you said they might be able to be moved to a 'follow on' (forgotten what you call it over there) closer to home. Still not ideal but has to be better than having one, two or all three so far away.
The next few months might get hard but they fly by and then you'll find yourself missing this time when they are so tiny.
Rule number one for you is to look after yourself, if you burn out then everyone suffers. Accept not everything will not be done and few things will be done perfectly. THIS IS OK. You don't have to be perfect, just good enough.

Queenie. . . said...

Yay! That's wonderful news. If anyone can make complicated logistics like these work, it's you. You guys will be just fine. I hope he indeed comes home today, and the others are home soon after.