Monday, January 16

Fourth Week in the NICU

Day 23 ~ January 13th

We went up this morning to visit little miss for a while. I'm definitely ready for her to be home. The drive back and forth to Albany is getting a bit much (you don't even want to see what my credit card bill is for gas!), plus the weather is more and more frequently yucky!

Ellie was doing pretty good though. She was eating well, but the heat thing is really what is slowing her down and keeping her from coming home. The nurses are planning on trying again tomorrow, to turn off her heat.

Day 24 ~ January 14th

Ellie had another good night, in regards to her bottles. The nurses turned off her heat today at is the moment of truth. (I thought they were leaving her heat on for good, but I guess not). As of the evening Ellie was still doing ok with her feeds. We didn't go up to visit.

Day 25 ~ January 15th

Didn't go up again, but Ellie had a good night. She got a bit pokey with her feeds, but the nurses forced it down. They actually put the temperature up in the room and kept her bundled up so that they wouldn't have to turn her heat on again, since she was a little on the cooler side.

So far they're all talking about her possibly coming home tomorrow, since she's been 24 hours now out of heat and is still eating well. I won't know for sure until tomorrow morning.

Day 26 ~ January 16th

Called this morning and she's officially being kicked out of the NICU! YAY! Heading up in a little bit to bring her home!


Anonymous said...

hurray! so exciting to finally have all the family back home together!!!

Amanda said...

Yay! I'm so happy that your family will finally all be home together.

Maria said...

jessica, you're babies are absolutely gorgeous. such a beautiful family.
so happy to read you'll be bringing them home.
have so much fun with your little loves <3
wishing you a wonderful week!

sadie607 said...

Yay for Ellie's homecoming!!!

May said...

I was so worried she would have failure to thrive. Hold her against your skin. LOTS. skin to skin. She has missed you. They always know who their mommie is. So many of us are praying for you.

Janna said...

Horray!!!Praying life with 4 kids at home is going well. :)