Friday, April 8

5 Minute Friday - If you met me...

If you met me....

You'd probably find out I'm a lot shyer than you thought I would be. That when I meet new people I probably come across as somewhat snobby, but it's just that I honestly have no idea what to say and worry about sounding like a fool OR I say the first things that pop into my head which aren't always the best things.

If you met'd notice that I'm starting to go gray at my left temple, that my hair is rather haphazard, that I have a ton of freckles all over my face, I'm usually smiling or laughing, that I have big brown eyes, and I'm probably shorter than you'd think. 

Depending on the day you may think I have it all together or that I'm completely losing my mind: And honestly, I'm a little bit of both. Even when I "have it all together" I usually don't because there's something (in the form of a little girl running around) that I can't control, but God does.

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